Project and Major Program Management

Whether you have a large complex project or a multitude of projects integrated into one program, you need effective project management for power systems in order to succeed. Power Grid Engineering is well equipped to make sure programs happen when they’re supposed to — the way they’re supposed to — and with outstanding schedule, scope and budget performance. Utilizing our staff’s vast years of experience, and with the aid of the most up-to-date processes, PGE is able to manage any size project to successful completion on time and on budget.

Not only do we provide project management for power systems, but we also provide testing and commissioning, power system studies, substation design engineering, relay settings, and protection and control services. 

We maintain and operate extensive program management systems and processes, including intricate processes for project controls, subcontracting management, and invoicing. We schedule, track, and report on various elements of the program to gauge individual projects and overall program progress. With our world-class risk management control capabilities, we systematically manage program risk and increase certainty of success. Our clients are provided professional Program/Project Managers to support management at every phase, from engineering design to startup and commissioning. Benefits of our program and project management for power systems services include specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs) of defined scope, schedule and budget.

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Program & Major Project Management Services

Value-added Capabilities

  • Program Strategy
  • Program/Project Control
  • Portfolio Management
  • Permitting Agency Liaison
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Management

Project Implementation

  • Start-up Management
  • Mechanical & Electrical Technicians
  • Portfolio Management
  • Instrumentation & Controls Technicians
  • Safety & Environmental
  • Quality Assurance & Control

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

  • O&M Services Packages
  • Technical Advisors
  • Outage Services
  • Commissioning & Test Services
  • Electrical Technicians
  • Technical Site Supervision

Financial Analysis

  • Start-up Budgeting
  • O&M Budgeting
  • Program/Project Controls
  • Budget Oversight
  • Manpower Requirements
  • Ratio Analysis


  • Operational Readiness
  • Client, NERC & IEEE Standards
  • Quality Assurance/Controls
  • Technical Writing
  • Portfolio Management
  • Procedures & Policies

Portfolio Highlights

PGE’s program management personnel roster includes certified, experienced project managers with proven track records of managing complex projects ranging from a few million dollars to several hundred millions of dollars.  Our PMIS approach is based on a lean design to right-size program staffing. PGE’s PMIS platform effectively develops and implement execution plans for every critical phase of a major program.

The PMIS platform advantages include a predictable value-to-service outcome, scalability based on business demand, fewer delivery risks via SLAs, and operational performance metrics tied to process excellence, documentation and outcomes.

Multi-Year Substation Upgrade Program


Multi-year/multi-phase program for 500/230 kV single phase transformers, and 230/69 kV three phase Transformer additions. This program included engineering, installation and commissioning of associated Switches and Breakers.  This Expansion program also required managing and administering environmental permitting and regulatory management.

Multi-year Greenfield Distribution Substation Program


A major engineering and design program, this 69/13 kV substations program used the Client’s unique design standards, and supported FDEP and FDOT permitting administration.

City-wide Redundancy Program


A major total construction management program, including test engineering, installation and commissioning.  Sub-project components included conduit, control cables and panels for redundancy protection.

Smart Grid Battery Installation Program


This major turnkey program installed battery monitoring for a client’s Smart Grid initiative in over 185 Substations.

FERC Redundancy Program


Primary contractor for construction, testing and commissioning of FERC mandated redundancy project.  Projects included 138 kV lines, Autotransformers, conduit control cable installation, 230/138 kV Busses, along with Battery banks, load center and chargers.