Guest Speaker Bios

Rick Ashton

Technical Trainer at Power Grid Engineering

Power Systems 101 & 104

In 1981, Rick moved from the world of maintaining numerical control machinery to the power systems world of Substations Maintenance. As a technician, for Tri-State Generation & Transmission Association (“Tri- State G&T”) in Colorado, Rick sought answers to the very same questions that so many technicians everywhere have had while on the job. In those thirty-five (35) years, Rick tackled increasingly challenging roles as a Relay Technician, Lead Relay Technician, Substations Maintenance Supervisor, and eventually became a mentor to many. Also, as a Substations Maintenance Supervisor for Tri-State G&T, Rick served on the NERC PRC-005 Protections Systems Maintenance and Testing Standard Drafting Team. In 1994 Rick first wrote a software application that led to his second career as a Relay Technician instructor through the company he founded, Relay Training Center ( As a result of those efforts, his “RELAYS 101” course was developed complete with an iOS App and lesson plan for his current three (3) day seminar. In 2016, Rick teamed with PGE and adapted his original Relays 101 course into the PGE Power Systems 104 Seminar.

As a Relay Technician instructor, Rick has reached hundreds of professionals around the country and plans to continue that effort by exclusively teaching through Power Grid Engineering moving forward.


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