Guest Speaker Bios

Mike Young

Technical Trainer at Power Grid Engineering

Power Systems 103

The Power Systems 103 Seminar is taught by Mike Young. Mr. Young received his MBA from Rollins College in 1983 and BSET from Purdue University in 1971. He began his testing career in 1969 and after graduation joined Wisconsin Electric Power Company as a Relay Engineer for two years, and Florida Power Corporation as a Relay Field Supervisor for 21 years. He authored the text “Protective Relaying for Technicians” currently being revised for reprinting. He worked as Principal Application Engineer for Basler Electric for 8 years, during which time he authored technical papers presented to numerous conferences and has been published by IEEE and NETA.

Since 2002 Mr. Young has been Owner and President of North Idaho Relay Consulting. He continues writing and presenting protective relay training programs, commissioning and testing of protective relaying systems, and performing engineering peer review for protective relay designs.


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