Guest Speaker Bios

Michael J. Wright

President of Power Grid Engineering

Power Systems 101

Mr. Wright is President and Principal of Power Grid Engineering, LLC. He is a Jacksonville, FL native and attended Trinity Christian Academy for 13 years. He graduated from the University of Florida where he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1998. Michael received his MBA from Rollins College in 2004. Upon graduation from the University of Florida, Michael accepted a job with Florida Power Corporation (now known as Duke Energy) and was employed by them until 2007, when he left to start Power Grid Engineering, LLC. He gained vast industry experience in the Relay Engineering and Relay Construction divisions of Duke Energy where he offered support to field relay techs on construction projects. In 2005, Michael accepted a position in the Protection and Control Department as one of two Lead Engineers who were tasked with overseeing all technical functions of the department. Michael was responsible for all of Duke Energy’s Florida Transmission System Protection and Control including ensuring quality control of all projects, setting policy, planning future projects, consulting best engineering practices, defining standards, and leading the teams to constant improvement of the engineered designs. In 2007, Michael founded Power Grid Engineering, LLC with partners Andre Uribe and William Glenn Durie. Michael has led his company for 10 years and currently has a staff of over 200 employees performing power engineering services throughout the United States.

In 2001, Michael began teaching protection & control philosophy classes at Duke Energy to relay technicians in training and to protection & control engineers. In 2003 Michael developed a 40 hour curriculum designed to explain the “big picture” of protection & control and this will be his 16th consecutive year teaching this class, with refinements and additions each year. 

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