Guest Speaker Bios

Adrian Zvarych

Field Services Supervisor at Power Grid Engineering

Power Systems 102

The Power Systems 102 Seminar is taught by Adrian Zvarych, PE. Adrian began his career in 1982 as a field Protection & Control engineer, where he quickly began mentoring engineer interns. He has also contributed many innovative and strategic design solutions that span across substation design, P&C design, and utility telecommunications disciplines. Since that point, he is recognized as a bridge builder between IT-Telecom, Protection & Control, and Substation Design teams. He has developed training courses and presentation materials for the IEEE, the UTC, Georgia Tech, and Texas A&M Protective Relay Conferences, which have included topics in substation communications, power line carrier design and application, fiber optic network design, and grounding and bonding for communications equipment. He has prepared and delivered countless technical presentations to audiences including protection & control, SCADA, IT and Telecom engineers and technicians in formal classrooms and on-site settings. Adrian has actively contributed to the IEEE Working Group H09 and others related to substation communications. Adrian has served as PGE’s principal communications engineer and is currently a Field Services supervisor.


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