Our People

Make your move to Power Grid Engineering to be a part of a team dedicated to our people and our services, embedding quality at the office and in our lives.

Core Values

Safety Around the Clock

Safety is our number one priority for both our clients and employees.

Here to Serve Our Clients

Based on a "client first" mentality, we value our clients and wish to serve them through a partnership.

Happy Employees are Productive Employees

With a strong value in our employees happiness, we find that productivity naturally follows.

There's Time for Work and Time for Play

We encourage a personal and work time balance in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Ask and Learn, Knowledge is Power

Our open door policy allows for our teams to collaborate, question and learn.

All for One, One for All

Because we’re all working toward the same goal of a successful business, we know it takes a team to work together.

"WOW" Effect

We strive to have an element of “WOW” in everything we do.

"This is Why We Check"

Due to the nature of our industry, peer checking and quality control are critical to our business and our clients. Check once, check twice.

Do the Right Thing

Doing the right thing means doing what’s right for the business and Power Grid as a company we trust our employees are making the right decisions that affect us all.

In the Zone

We respect each other’s time and space which may require being “In the Zone” allowing others to respect your focus time.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our teams are passionate about giving back through various charitable contributions and activities such as Corporate 5Ks, breast cancer awareness events, the Movember movement and more.

PGE Projects & Offices

We have offices in Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Kansas, Texas, and Massachusetts with personnel working in multiple states.