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Ground Service Capabilities

Power Grid Engineering Enhances Ground Service Capabilities

LAKE MARY, Fla (Aug. 2, 2017) Power Grid Engineering, LLC. (PGE) recently purchased Safe Engineering Services’ (SES) Current Distribution, Electromagnetic Fields, Grounding and Soil Structure Analysis (CDEGS) software package.  PGE’s engineers are now able to design safe and effective ground grids for substation switchyards utilizing this new software.

“This software gives our clients another option as it relates to grounding design,” says Benjamin Gibson Substation Engineer.  “We have designed station grids using WinIGS and have verified existing station grids using our Smart Ground Multimeter.  Having another tool makes it easier for us to meet our client needs and expectations.”

PGE’s substation engineers will design substation grids using WinIGS or CDEGS based on client preference. Our engineers can utilize either program to design a station grid to meet the requirements of touch and step potential as required in IEEE 80 (insert registered TM here) and existing site conditions including soil and available fault current. PGE has already completed training from SES on Power System Grounding and Electromagnetic Interference and look forward to designing grids using either software in the future.