Services Offered

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PGE org squaresRelay Protection & Control

PGE has a long history of quality performance in providing Protection and Control engineering services, such as Relay Control panel layouts and Protection engineering designs. Learn More

PGE org squaresSubstation Engineering

PGE’s world-class team successfully completed numerous projects addressing complex issues related to Substation Engineering such as Substation Automation and Wiring Diagrams. Learn More

PGE org squaresGeneration Interconnect

PGE has extensive practical engineering experience with Generator Services, such as protective relay replacements and plant wide system upgrades, for power plants of all fuel types. Learn More

PGE org squares Field Services

PGE provides world-class engineering and technician Field Services that use Safety-Around-The-Clock and the most up-to-date test equipment, software applications and platforms. Learn More

PGE org squaresPlanning & System Studies

PGE Transmission Planning Services team offer a variety of short and long-term power system studies for compliance with NERC, Regional Reliability, industry and custom standards. Learn More

PGE org squares Protective Relay Settings

PGE’s Relay Settings engineers create properly designed and coordinated Relay Setting files for Transmission, Substation, Interconnection and Generation systems up to 500 kV, while finding the optimum balance between security and reliability.
Learn More

PGE org squaresPower Systems Training

PGE’s Training Seminars offers Professional Board of Engineers approved top quality instruction with highly focused curriculums based on actual experience and real world applications. Learn More

 PGE org squaresProject and Major Program Management

Utilizing our staff’s vast years of experience, and with the aid of the most up-to-date processes, PGE is able to manage any size project to a successful completion of on time and on budget. Not only do we provide project management, but we also provide commissioning and test, power system studies, design engineering, and protection and control services. Learn More